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The Business Times
ATTACK OF THE KILLER PIZZA. Giovanni Vitale, from Southern Italy........makes him something of a Don among the
Italian restaurateurs in town. The pizza here are generally considered to be authentic and a recent tasting confirmed
that opinion.

IS Magazine
A beautiful pizza landed on our table. The generous portions of clams, mussels, squid and prawns seemed to
scream "Eat us! We gladly complied and, after several bites, proclaimed it worth the wait......the pasta arrived, a hearty crimson in colour. After one forkful, we couldn't stop eating.

MAN Life & Style
UN-FORKETTA-BLE "The seafood pizza is very popular with all kind of people. We add a little of pecorino cheese for flavour." The crust was light and crisp and the fixing delicious!

TUTTO ITALIANO! There is a fork in the road that separate authentic South Italian cuisine and the wannabes. JULIANA CHAN gets on the right path at LA FORKETTA. Pizza with Capsicums, Onion, Ham & Mushrooms. Superb! I just had to come back for more, I thought.

8 Days
La Forketta has been charming diners for the longest time with its fresh and simple take on Italian cuisine. Loops of
home-made fresh pasta, tossed with fresh herbs and bathed in virgin olive oil; shiny seafood barely touched by the
flame, juices sealed just so and the deep flavours of red tomatoes with the aroma of pizzas gently cooking in stone
ovens. Bellissimo!

La Forketta is one of the Singapore's best Italian cuisine restaurant (it is also one of the two here that has been
certified with the prestigious O.R.P.I.). This quaint little restaurant located on the outskirts of River valley Road serves
only authentic Italian fare and is easily the most affordable and ultimate Italian fine-dining experience you will ever
come across!


Singapore's Best Restaurant 1996
Singapore's Finest Restaurant Award - Singapore Tatler

Singapore's Top Restaurant 1997/98
Singapore's Finest Restaurant Award - Wine & Dine

Excellent Food Award - 5 June 2001
Exceptional Culinary Skills in: Antipasto Assortito, Seafood Risotto
Bistecca Di Carne Alla Griglia - Food & Entertainment