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Michele Roccotelli was born in Minervino Murge in 1946. He carried out his artistic studies in Bari and improved them in Rome. So far his works have been showed during all the Expo Art editions held in Bari and are permanently taken in the most prestigious Italian Art Galleries such as the Marescalchi's in Boulogne and Ghelfi's in Verona and Montecatini, in which Roccotelli's paintings have been exhibiting for more than thirty years. He made an artistical friendship with Franco Solmi, one of the most estimable Italian art critic who has introduced Roccotelli's art works in catalogues, monographs and expositions.

In 1985 Roccotelli had art exhibitions in Bruxelles and in 1988 in Canada under the patronage of the Ottawa University and Art School. Some of his large sized paintings are shown in the "International Gallery of Vienna" and at the "Initiative Agence Conseil EN Media Djouxtens" in Switzerland. In 1987 Roccotelli's works were exhibited in San Giogetto of Verona and in 1990 two impressive expositions of his paintings were set out in the Swabiam Castle of Barletta and in Monacelle's church of Ostuni. In 1997 he was asked by the management to collaborate with the members of staff of the Superintendence for the Artistic and Historical affairs of the Italian Basilicata region in preparation of the Gravines Land Festival.

He is listed in biennial exhibitions of modern art and many times has won prestigious prizes. The writer and art critic Alberto Bevilacqua has introduced an important series of serigraphs of Roccotelli, watercoloured by hand and published by Bugatti of Ancona in a case edition. Roccotelli has also illustrated fiction books of well known writers, has made important pieces of art for hotels, hospitals and gymnasiums and is a member of Myle Art.

Roccotelli's paintings are displayed in the Maringer's Gallery of St. Polten, Vienna, in the Halbach's Gallery of Celle, Amburgo, Munchen and in the Castle of "Schlob Seefeld - Sudhao" in Starberg. Roccotelli has also recently held in Ausberg Art exhibitions with subjects: "Sieht St. Polten", "Mein Ausstellung Nach a Celle", "Ausschnitte Von Ausburg". He took part, with the Ghelfi Gallery, in the International Art Exhibitions of Miami Beach. On the occasion of the Festival of the east countries movie, Roccotelli's art works on "Mediterranean Area" were showed in Dresden and Cottbus in 2001 and since then those same paintings are admired by the public.

After his last great success gotten with the art show held at Margutta Palace in Rome, Roccotelli has just started displaying some of his paintings in "San Severo al Pendino" church in compliance with the wishes and the particular invitation of the spokesman of the Art and Education of Naples.